Landscaping, Cape Cod Summer Season 2016

What a summer it has been!

The warm dry weather remains on Cape Cod. Mother Nature is not allowing much rain on Cape Cod. Last week there were storms and rain all week off Cape, but only one heavy rain on Cape. Many lawns are still showing signs of drought stress. If you have any questions regarding your irrigation system or clock adjustments, please call the office at 508-495-1181 and ask for Dylan to come out and make adjustments.

Many lawns are in need of rehabilitation now, due to extreme drought conditions. Greener Image can assist with fixing these lawns with core aeration, followed by slice seeding and maybe some screened loam top dressing if needed. The benefits of core aeration include opening up the soil to assist the grass roots with recovery from drought conditions. The compaction of soil is also broken up as well, allowing nutrients, water and oxygen to reach the grass roots. Slice seeding adds new grass seed to the existing soil. This process is done with minimal impact or damage to the existing lawn. By adding more seed the existing lawn will be thicker, thus helping the lawn to withstand drought, insect and weed damage in the future.

Irrigation systems are also good for plant beds. Leaves will start turning brown on some of the Oaks and Maple trees, with some even starting to fall. Due to the lack of rain, the trees are compensating for drought conditions. Don’t be alarmed.

There are a few openings in the month of August for new irrigation installs and we are now scheduling dates for September. If you are tired of moving the garden hose around and would like to have a quote for a new irrigation system install, please call the office again at 508-495-1181, to schedule an appointment with Emir or Chris.

The maintenance crews are busy with summer pruning right now. If you notice the shrubs need a slight trimming, request our crew for pruning. We are also booking times for Fall plantings and Fall color. September is a great time to tune up the planting beds.

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