Spring Season 2017 is on its way!

The 2017 landscape season is fast approaching. If you would like a price quote for any of our service, please email the office at office@greenerimagelandscaping.net and schedule a property overview with Emir, Chris, or Sean. If you would like to receive the Landscape Services Form, please email your request to office@greenerimagelandscaping.net.

Irrigation work will start at the end of March or beginning of April. We will start scheduling irrigation system turn ons and irrigation service work, such as coring the heads to remove debris and soil build up or irrigation head replacement. If you have a specific date you would like the irrigation tech on your property, let us know via email at office@greenerimagelandscaping.net.

Construction crews are scheduling from late winter into early spring. If you have a project such as new walkways or a patio, or want to add a cobblestone apron on the driveway, cobblestone edging, or add a sitting wall or fire pit to an existing patio, contact Emir or Chris to get on the schedule before the spring and summer season starts.

image of patio with fire pit

Landscaping Planning 2017

Winter 2017 reminders for all landscape and lawn services:

If Greener Image Landscaping is providing snow removal services for your property, install plow stakes along the borders of the driveway. If you need Greener Image to install the plow stakes, call the office at 508-495-1181 ask for Sean.

This time of year and into the winter, while working around snow storms, we have a crew removing trees, brush mowing wooded areas and edges of the property, as well as up limbing trees to remove low hanging branches, especially over driveways. Please call the office at 508-495-1181 to schedule an estimate for tree and limb clean up.

Now is also the time to start planning for landscape projects for the Spring of 2017. Any time between now and April, Emir, Chris S., Chris M., or Sean can visit your property and give you construction, landscape, and lawn ideas.

Greener Image is offering garage and basement clean up services for the next few months. Our crew will properly dispose of anything you want to get rid off at the dump. Please call the office at 508-495-1181 to speak to Emir, Chris or Sean with any questions regarding dump run service.

Greener Image is going Green! Winter 2016

Big News from the office, Greener Image is going Green, no pun intended. Starting in January, the annual Landscape Service form will be emailed to each client. Return the form (via fax, email or mail), to the office with the specific landscape services requested for 2016.
Look for more updates in 2016 for electronic invoicing.

The annual Landscape Service Form sent to all clients, will be sent this month via e mail. Please review the form, check off any services you would like for the 2016 season, sign, and send back to the office. Update new information or any changes.

For those customers who have not provided an email address, the form will be mailed instead. For customers who receive the mailed form, please provide your email information on the form, so that next year it can be emailed.

If there are services you have not had in the past or would like to modify the services that you have now, please call the office at 508-495-1181 to schedule a property overview with Emir, Chris, or Sean.

Winter Work:
For the upcoming winter months, Greener Image is offering a special winter rate for the following services:
–Gutter cleaning
–Brush mowing
–Tree removal
–Stump grinding
–Grading of low or high areas, with adding fill or removing fill
–Dump run
Please call Sean to discuss the above services.

~~~ RAFFLE ~~~
Greener Image would like to increase our social media presence. Please “like” our Facebook page if you have not done so and share the page with your Facebook friends. Once we reach 500 likes, we will raffle off (5) $100 Greener Image Landscaping Gift Certificates good for any landscape services in the 2016 season. When you can, please “LIKE” Greener Image on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Greener-Image-Landscaping-Inc/149383465117283?ref=hl

Landscaping Fall Property Clean-up of Leaves and Debris

The end of the Fall season is approaching. One of the final steps for the year, is the final property clean-up. The crews will remove all leaves and debris from the lawn areas and landscape beds, as well as any necessary late season pruning. All perennials and annuals will be cut back or removed. Please keep in mind, if leaves are not removed from the lawn area, this will increase the chance of snow mold and will limit oxygen and sunlight exposure to the lawn.

Due to the long winter last season and large amount of snow accumulated on lawn areas, we are offering a fall fungicide application that will help prevent or at least control snow mold again this season. Please call to have Don come by and give you an estimate.

Lastly, if you choose to clean your own leaves, we can send a crew out to remove the pile of leaves. The leaves need to be left near the road so the truck and leaf vac can park near the pile. Please call Sean for scheduling and pricing.

In our News:

We were honored to be asked to volunteer our bark blower and one of our operators to the Cape Cod Upper Cape Horticulture program. The focus was to introduce the students to some new machinery. The operator himself graduated from this very program five years ago. Greener Image proudly has three students currently doing their co-op with us now.

Coop students working for Greener Image Landscaping, East Falmouth, MA

Cape Cod Horticultural Students working for Greener Image Landscaping, East Falmouth MA

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You may find helpful hints and general information about our services and sometimes you will meet the employees.