Irrigation Winterization + Fall Clean Up

Irrigation System Winterization

It’s time to make sure your irrigation system winterizing is scheduled. Call our office at:¬†508-495-1181 to schedule.

Fall landscaping clean ups starts mid November.

If you are planning holiday festivities and would like to make sure your property is cleaned of leaves and debris, call the office at 508-495-1181 to schedule a date.

Gutters should be cleaned prior to winter. Build up of leaves and debris in your gutters can cause standing rain water which will freeze, and can lead to an ice dam which allows water to back up into the house at the gutter line. The gutters can be cleaned at the same time of the fall clean-up.

Protection for all evergreens and other shrubs that hold their leaves year round is an application of trans film. Trans Film applications cover the shrubbery, can not be seen and protects the plants from winter damage. Deep root feeding for shrubs is done this time of year, as well as tree spraying to eradicate the caterpillar eggs that will lead to winter moth.

Lawn Core Aeration and Irrigation Winterization

Lawn Core Aeration for September…

We are currently scheduling lawn core aeration for the the month of September. This is one of the better months to try to tune up your lawn. Due to shorter days coming and cooler nights, the lawns should come back from dormancy. Aeration is done at this time to help your lawn stimulate growth and with added slice seeding to fill bare spots and thicken lawn.

Fall is a great time for planting. The Spring and Summer colors have come and gone, so lets add some new plantings that bloom in the Fall. We like to call it rolling color throughout the season.

Fall is good time for final pruning. Call us to schedule a maintenance crew to come by, shape up the shrubs and up limb any ornamental trees. At the same time the crews could be weeding the flower and landscape beds too.

Irrigation turn off and winterization…

Now that the temperatures are reasonable, it is time to think about scheduling an appointment for your irrigation turn off and winterization. Keep in mind the system should run into the Fall, as the Cape Cod environment is still very dry with drought conditions.

It is very important your irrigation system is winterized properly. All water needs to be removed and back flows drained of water. Any water left in the system will freeze, creating ice, which will expand and crack whatever irrigation parts still have water in lines or heads. If this occurs, all parts will need to be replaced at additional costs in the Spring.

Spring Property Landscape Services

Spring is here early this year. The crews are out earlier this season starting the Spring property clean ups. Your lawn and landscapes will start greening up and blooming earlier this season.

The mow crews will be starting weeks earlier this season too with more than 28 mow weeks. Take a look at your property then contact us for anything you need to enhance your landscape and outdoor living spaces.

Any questions about our landscaping and property services, call the office at 508-495-1181, or email to schedule your free estimate or property overview with Emir, Sean, or Chris.

Greener Image is going Green! Winter 2016

Big News from the office, Greener Image is going Green, no pun intended. Starting in January, the annual Landscape Service form will be emailed to each client. Return the form (via fax, email or mail), to the office with the specific landscape services requested for 2016.
Look for more updates in 2016 for electronic invoicing.

The annual Landscape Service Form sent to all clients, will be sent this month via e mail. Please review the form, check off any services you would like for the 2016 season, sign, and send back to the office. Update new information or any changes.

For those customers who have not provided an email address, the form will be mailed instead. For customers who receive the mailed form, please provide your email information on the form, so that next year it can be emailed.

If there are services you have not had in the past or would like to modify the services that you have now, please call the office at 508-495-1181 to schedule a property overview with Emir, Chris, or Sean.

Winter Work:
For the upcoming winter months, Greener Image is offering a special winter rate for the following services:
–Gutter cleaning
–Brush mowing
–Tree removal
–Stump grinding
–Grading of low or high areas, with adding fill or removing fill
–Dump run
Please call Sean to discuss the above services.

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