Irrigation Systems Installation

The benefits of installing a sprinkler system are many:

  • During the installation process, our technicians are very careful of your landscape areas.
  • We use licensed plumbers and get permits for your water system hook up.
  • You no longer need to remember or schedule watering your lawn – it’s automatically done for you
  • You are protecting your landscaping investment in having a beautiful lawn
  • With the controlled rate water is applied, you decrease the run-off and save money on your water bills
  • A beautiful lawn will increase your property value and show you care about your property

Installing your new irrigation system ….

Greener Image Irrigation installation begins with a free consultation with the client. Our representative will inspect the plumbing and the location of your water meter.

The next step will be to design the sprinkler head layout and placement. Valve locations will be selected as well as the irrigation controller and rain sensor. All underground lines will be marked before any digging begins by contacting Dig-Safe.

The starting point of your irrigation system will be close to the water meter to ensure the correct amount of pressure out to the sprinklers.

  • Preventing back flow is a PVB, Pressure Vacuum Breaker
  • Copper, PVC and Poly pipes are used to build your irrigation system
  • Control Wire is buried and the wire is made to last underground
  • Valve Boxes house the control valves and are only accessible to service technicians
  • The sprinkler heads are used to irrigate the lawn, and are easily adjustable
  • Fixed Spray Heads are used to irrigate shrub and smaller areas
  • Drip Irrigation is efficient for watering shrub and perennial plant beds
  • The Controller is where the homeowner can program multiple start times and adjust the watering schedule
  • Rain Sensor absorbs moisture from rain and when the sensor dries, the regular watering schedule continues

Hook-ups to the water system are done by a licensed plumber. Machines will be used to insert pipes underground with digging for head and valves done by hand. Pipes and heads in landscaped areas are installed by hand using care around your plantings.

After all the installation work is finished, any evidence of the installation will clear within a few weeks.